• Joint Use Code Compliance EDM 10
  • Joint Use Code Compliance EDM 3
  • Joint Use Code Compliance EDM 6
  • Joint Use Code Compliance EDM 7
  • Joint Use Code Compliance EDM 8
  • Joint Use Code Compliance EDM 9

Joint-Use Code Compliance Services

EDM International, Inc offers a wide range of joint-use engineering services to the electric and communication industries. EDM recognizes the importance of evaluating joint-use issues for both the pole owner and the attacher. EDM provides this service under the supervision of a registered professional engineer due to the complexities that are involved in the evaluation process and how the end users will utilize the recommendations.

EDM’s joint-use services include:

Field Services
  • Data Collection for proper modeling of the poles and wires
  • Evaluate pole section modulus due to internal decay and external damage
  • Field inspections to evaluate make-ready work recommendations
  • Post construction inspection to ensure design intent was met
Professional Engineering Evaluation
  • Develop actual line models based on actual field data collected
  • Identify structural code violations for existing and proposed conditions
  • Identify clearance violations both at the pole and at midspan under different operating conditions
  • Professional Engineer’s stamped report
Pole Audits
  • Provide 3rd party QC audit
  • Provide team of field personnel to perform electronic pole audits
  • Capable of expanding pole audit to include complete pole inventory including sub-meter GPS coordinates
Make-Ready-Work Recommendations
  • Recommendations to rectify existing code violations
  • Recommend necessary adjustments to existing facilities to prevent code violations with new cable placement
  • Estimate distributed labor and material construction costs