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  • Asset Management

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Wildfire Mitigation

The increased frequency of apex fire weather conditions, combined with aging infrastructure, declining forest health and increased human development in wildland areas, have created significant challenges for utilities operating in wildfire-prone areas.

EDM’s team of experts collaborates with utilities, independent operators and government agencies/regulators to develop and implement cross-functional, programmatic solutions for wildfire prevention and protection, including:


  • Fire-Safe Culture & Change Management
  • Risk Assessment & Prioritization
  • Hazardous Fire Area (HFA) Delineation
  • GIS/FIS/Geospatial Analysis & Prioritization
  • Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) Development
  • WMP Gap Analysis
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Remote Sensing (LiDAR, Imagery, etc.)
  • Daily Situational Awareness/Fire Potential Index
  • Public Safety Power Shutoff Plan (PSPS)
  • Fire Incident Coordination & Response
  • Ignition Management Program (IMP)
  • Field Work Ignition Mitigations & Procedure for Escalating Wildfire Weather
  • Asset Hardening (Lines, Subs, Telecoms)
  • Grid Resiliency
  • WMP KPIs & Continuous Improvement
  • Internal/External Stakeholder Collaborations & Communication

Asset Management

  • End-of-Life (EOL) Assessment
  • Ignition Risk Assessment
  • Asset Inventory, Inspection & Condition Assessment
  • Retrofit Work Prioritization, Implementation, and Auditing
  • Asset Protection Analysis, Prioritization & Implementation
  • Facility Retrofitting for Fire Hardening

Environmental & Weather

  • Avian/Wildlife-Caused Ignition Risk Assessment, Prioritization & Mitigation
  • Wildlife Retrofit Work Prioritization, Implementation & Auditing
  • Wildlife-Friendly Facility Design
  • Meteorological/Wind Studies
  • Monitoring Station Vetting, Siting & Deployment

Utility Vegetation Management (UVM)

  • Enhanced UVM Program Development
  • Tree Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Fuels Management & Reduction
  • Pole Clearance Program & Compliance
  • Vegetation-Caused Outage Analysis & Targeted UVM


  • Fire-Wise Siting
  • Fire Hardened Design & Construction
  • Ignition-Prone Equipment & Facilities Alternatives
  • Pole Loading & Clearance Adequacy Assessments
  • Underground Design

Field Services

  • Pre-Fire Inspections (Asset, Vegetation)
  • Fire Retardant Applications/Fire Protection
  • Wood Pole Restoration
  • Post-Fire Damage Assessment & Construction Surveys
  • Fire Behavior, Electric Safety & Ignition Suppression Training

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EDM has teamed with Intec Services, Inc. to offer additional related services.  Intec Services offers a complete variety of pole inspection, inventory and restoration services aimed at helping utilities maximize equipment life spans while maintaining the highest standards of system reliability.

Intec Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 with a dedication to providing in-service pole inspection services which have set new standards for accuracy and cost effectiveness by using an inspection strategy with three critical components:

  • Time-proven inspection and retreatment techniques
  • Advanced nondestructive testing methods
  • Computerized data collection and reporting

The EDM-INTEC team approach enables the preservation of utility line reliability throughout the desired service life and assists utilities in making responsible recommendations and decisions affecting the management of many millions of dollars of overhead line capital assets.