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Small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Services

EDM uses a variety of small UAS aircraft, flight control systems and post processing systems to tailor missions to meet specific objectives identified by clients. Missions can be as small as confirmation of activity in a single bird nest, or as large as multiple miles of distribution line, transmission line, or gas pipeline rights-of-way. EDM carefully maintains currency in aircraft, sensor technologies and payloads, flight and analysis software and pilot certifications. Our multiple certified pilots ensure flexibility and timeliness in responding to customer needs. Our ability to leverage LiDAR, PhoDAR and infrared technologies ensures that flight parameters meet mission goals.

Recent UAS Projects Include:

  • Distribution Line & Equipment Inspection
  • Transmission Line & Equipment Inspection
  • Gas Line & Natural Areas Inspection
  • Pre- & Post-Construction Documentation
  • 3D Photogrammetry (PhoDAR point clouds)
  • Orthomosaic Imagery
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Transmission Phase Identification
  • Installation of Collision Mitigation Line Markers
  • Avian Nest Status Checks
  • UAS Environmental Applications Document for the Electric Power Research Institute