Structural Analysis & Engineering

EDM International, Inc. brings together expertise from structural engineers and material scientists to bring forth a creative approach to solving unique design and upgrading for overhead and underground electrical facilities.  New designs and upgrading existing facilities requires knowledge of potential hurdles including routing, permitting, materials and designing for future maintainability.
EDM is knowledgeable of designing with all materials including steel poles, latticed towers, round wood, laminated wood and fiberglass poles for all voltage levels.  Additionally, the EDM team involves the unique expertise of its environmental specialists to deal with designs in sensitive biological areas, including critical migratory birds flight paths, protected avian habitats and aquatic environments.

  • Electrical Overhead Transmission and Distribution Line Design
  • Electrical Underground Transmission and Distribution Design
  • Upgrade Feasibility Studies
  • Rating Evaluations of Existing Lines
  • Feasibility/Planning Studies
  • Structural Analysis of unique Pole and Structures
  • Critical Span Structure Evaluations
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering