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  • NDE Corrosion Management EDM 4
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  • NDE Corrosion Management EDM 10
  • NDE Corrosion Management EDM 2

NDE Corrosion Inspection

EDM offers two direct-measurement, NDE techniques that have been specifically designed to assess the condition of anchor rods, direct embedded steel poles and latticed tower stub angles. Both the Magnetostrictive Sensor (MsS) technique and Cylindrically Guided Wave Technique (CGWT), have been widely used and proven to be cost-effective options for assessing the below-ground condition of these assets.

The NDE techniques classify the condition of an asset based on its degree of corrosion:
  • Minor Corrosion
  • Moderate Corrosion
  • Excessive Corrosion
Applicable Anchor Rods:
  • Rods with either solid or tubular cross-sections
  • Top sections of multi-piece rods
  • Rods in direct soil contact or encased in concrete
  • Galvanized rods
  • Copper clad rods
  • DYWIDAG anchor rods
Applicable Steel Poles:
  • Both circular and multi-sided steel poles (with or without a sacrificial corrosion collar)
  • Poles in direct soil contact or encased in foam (no concrete backfill)
  • Poles with any type of protective coating
Applicable Stub Angles:
  • Bare stub grillage foundation (i.e. no stiffeners, shear connectors or grounding attachments)
Some of EDM’s NDE applications utilize technology developed under the sponsorship of EPRI.