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Corrosion Management Services

EDM offers a variety of services designed to help a utility better manage its steel assets. These services encompass all aspects of corrosion management from inspection and assessment through maintenance and repair.

GIS Corrosion Mapping
provides a valuable visual view of the utilities assets showing different hazard zones. The GIS corrosion map utilizes published soils data to identify corrosion risk.

Soil Investigation
utilizes a variety of field measurements to evaluate the different factors that influence a soil’s corrosivity.
  • pH
  • Resistivity
  • Redox Potential
  • Steel to Soil Potential (Half Cell)
NDE Inspection Techniques
provide direct indications of the asset’s condition.
  • Visual
  • Thickness Measurements
  • CGWT
  • MsS
Cathodic Protection (CP)
helps protect buried steel assets against corrosion.
  • Design/Engineering
  • Testing/Evaluation
  • Installation
Steel Corrosion Mitigation & Repair 
  • Coating Evaluation
  • Coating Specification Preparation/Review
  • Member Repair or Reinforcement Design